Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Launch of RuDividends - Russian Dividend Stocks website for Investors

Hi everyone,

Today I won't tell you much about Python, but I will tell you about what I've done a while ago using Python. I've been hard at work (mostly at nights and in my spare time) developing my new service, called RuDividends which helps investors across the world analyze dividend stocks in Russia.

The website lists Russian stocks sorted by highest dividend yield. Also you can find all of the dividend history of any stock in one place both in Russian and English languages.

Why did I decide to create this service? First of all, I'm from Russia. Then when I tried to find any good website with all dividend stocks, I could barely find it in Russian and nothing in English. And more important, I created it for my own use, because I invest some funds in Russian companies and I need to analyze dividends anyway.

I also believe that Russia has huge amount of natural resources and most of its companies are undervalued. Some of the companies are paying very high dividends (risk is also high though). Moreover, this year (2016) Medvedev signed an order mandating 8 state-controlled companies to pay at least 50% of their profits in dividends, which helps to plug a hole in the state budget.

All of this shows that you can benefit by investing in Russian companies. Hope you'll find this service useful. And I'd really appreciate if you could spread the word to as many other investors as possible.

Happy dividend hunting!

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